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Discover the secret of natural beautiful skin - with EDELWEISS® cosmetics.

The comprehensive EDELWEISS® Gift Set isn't just beautiful to look at, but also includes a complete range of care products for every skin type. The innovative formula of EDELWEISS® cosmetics is scientifically proven and was designed by leading physicians and scientists.

Basic Pure Cleansing Water

as cleanser: Apply with cotton pad. For sensitive skin rinse off with water.

as toner: After cleansing, apply with a cotton pad and allow it to absorb. Continue with addtional products of EDELWEISS®.

Deep Hydration Face Fluid

Apply in the morning and evening gently onto cleansed skin (face, neck, décolleté). Ideal as a foundation for makeup or cream. Before using additional EDELWEISS® products wait shortly until the serum is completely absorbed.

Wrinkle Fighter Eye Lift Fluid

Tab in gently in the morning and evening in the periorbital region. Bevor applying additional EDELWEISS® products wait until the serum is absorbed completely.

Deluxe Repair Q10 Face Cream

Apply lightly in the morning and evening gently onto cleansed skin (face, neck, décolleté) and massage in gently. You will feel immediately a firming effect. Particularly suited for normal and oily skin.

1x Basic Pure Cleansing Water 100 ml


1x Deep Hydration Face Fluid 30 ml


1x Wrinkle Fighter Eye Lift Fluid 15 ml


1x Deluxe Repair Q10 Face Cream 30 ml

naturally EDELWEISS®

natural beauty

Beautiful skin is a gift of nature. With EDELWEISS® cosmetics we managed to prolong this gift. Selected components are the base of this product line of highest effectiveness, unscented and suited for every skin type.

natural innovative

EDELWEISS® combines natural beauty with patented technologies: SmartCrystals® increase the essential efficiency of the active agents. Intelligent anti aging carrier systems protect the substances from e.g. UV light. Special liposomes can penetrate the skin more effective and bringing the active substances where they are supposed to be.

natural active

If you have high expectations, EDELWEISS® cosmetics cares for your skin. High active ingredients, chosen after the latest scientific findings, moisturize and protect against environmental cell damages. The result: The regeneration of the skin is being supported, your complexion seems fresh and smooth for a longer time.