• Accelerates collagen synthesis
  • Effective & long lasting hydration
  • Skin lipid management
  • Perfect skin texture

Mild and powerful anti-aging moisturizer fluid which smoothes and nurtures the sensitive facial skin. Phosphatidylcholine, an important component of all cell membranes, supplies moisture and essential lipids. When applied, hyaluronic acid immediately boosts itself thus minimizes wrinkles. The perfect foundation for your makeup.

Apply in the morning and evening gently onto cleansed skin (face, neck, décolleté). Ideal as a foundation for makeup or cream. Before using additional EDELWEISS® products wait shortly until the serum is completely absorbed.

Deep Hydration Face Fluid 30 ml

EDELWEISS® - Deep Hydration Face Fluid

Depth effective and powerful anti aging serum on the foundation of liposomes for an instant smoothing of wrinkles and expression lines. After its absorption into deeper layers of the dermis water and essential fatty acids are being released for an immediate moisturizing effect. Nourishes and hydrates the skin from the inside out with vitamin-F loaded liposomes from phosphatidylcholine, a natural and integral component of our cells.

Hyaluronic acid is the most efficient substance to fill between the epidermis and subcutis. It activates and quickens the growth of skin cells and stimulates collagen synthesis. This results in a gentle face lift, distinct facial outlines and sustained improvement of the constancy and elasticity. The whole complexion firms, rejuvenates and smoothens. 

The serum is suited for all skin types, including the very sensitive, dry and parched, dehydrated skin. Unscented and free of colorants. Dermatologically tested, patented technology.