• Unique anti aging formulation
  • Neutralizes free radicals
  • Stabilizes elasticity of the skin
  • Rebuilds skin texture

Very rich anti aging cream with spherical Q10 lipids. Valuable vitamins and oils provide for and moisturize even demanding facial skin, smoothing it, increasing tonicity - for a complexion that doesn't tell your age.

Apply lightly in the morning and evening gently onto cleansed skin (face, neck, décolleté) and massage in gently. You will feel immediately a firming effect. Particularly suited for normal and oily skin.

Deluxe Repair Q10 Face Cream 30 ml

EDELWEISS® Deluxe Repair Q10 Face Cream

The ultimate cream concentration with micro-fine coenzyme Q10-lipopearls and phosphatidylcholine liposomes. The rejuvenating coenzyme Q10 is a natural endogenous substance which is in this case embedded into micro-fine lipopearls. This enables an optimum transport of Q10 right to the cells. Repairs, rejuvenates and rebuilds the damaged matrix, activates idle cells and is highly effective against free radicals from peroxides (e.g. UV light).

Ceramide, squalan, shea butter, vitamins and nurturing oils provide the skin extensively with moisture and lipids, stimulate cellular metabolism and provide fresh energy. Phosphatidylcholine stabilizes the membrane of the cells, acts lipid replenishing and regulating to the physiological processes of the skin. This results in more distinct facial outlines and refinement of pores, thanks to the revolutionary and patented transport technology which enables all active ingredients to unfold a more profound potential. For a toned and radiant complexion that doesn't tell your age.

For all skin types. Unscented, free of preserving agents and colorants. Dermatologically tested. Patented technology.