• Relaxes mimic muscles
  • Minimizes puffy eyes
  • Reduces dark circles
  • Long lasting reduction of wrinkles

Nurturing intensive fluid with SmartCrystals® technology and liposomes. Reduces quick and long lasting dark circles and wrinkles surrounding the eyes. Cell damage will be repaired, the hydro lipid balance of the skin regenerates. Visible firmed contour lines within 30 days*. 


* when applied twice a day

Tab in gently in the morning and evening in the periorbital region. Bevor applying additional EDELWEISS® products wait until the serum is absorbed completely. 

Wrinkle Fighter Eye Lift Fluid 15 ml

EDELWEISS® Wrinkle Fighter Eye Lift Fluid

Highly effective anti-wrinkle serum with Rutin SmartCrystals® (patented SmartCrystals® technology) and special peptides carrying liposomes. Proactive wrinkle reduction, intense tightening and sustained smoothing of the sensible skin around the eyes.

The very complex serum distinguishes itself in its regenerating and highly antioxidant properties, repairs UV light caused cell damage. The special formula with Eyeseryl® liposomes supports a quick subsiding of swollen lacrimal sacs through a powerful drainage effect, significantly improves the blood flow underneath the eyes and prevents and reduces dark circles. The skin continuously stays young, the eyes brighten and appear more opened.

Argireline® embedded in phosphatidylcholine liposomes to better infiltrate active agents, naturally blocks transmitter substances which are released during the contraction of the muscles. Similar to Botox® it relaxes the muscles and prevents new mimic folds, without influencing the natural mimic of the face though. Even after applying only a few times the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles is visible. Collagen synthesis is stimulated, its structure stabilized and the hydro lipid balance optimized.

A true beauty specialist for the demanding area around the eyes. The serum is suited for all skin types, especially for the mature and demanding skin. Unscented and free of conserving agents and colorants. Dermatologically tested. Patented technology.