Success starts with an idea

What good is the best idea, if it is not implemented?
What good is the best implementation, if you do not perceive?
What good is the best exercise, if it arouses no customer interest?
What use is the largest customer interest, when it turns due to company failures in disinterest?


Purchasing a device

All our devices are tested, effective and safe. Since we only want to have satisfied customers we don’t offer any device making a customer regret his/ her decision of purchasing.

"A single drop of oil can spoil 1000 liters of water …" 

We do have a detailed knowledge about all available devices of any company. We are busy with aesthetic high-tech, Lasers and IPL systems for many years without being dependent on any company.

We do offer you a fair comparison for each desired device with any of our preferred systems.

Leasing – Financing

We always want to offer you a maximum of flexibility and economy.

If you wish to lease a device you have to consider the following:

Leasing companies have to get informed about your financial situation. Your most important references are your banking institution and your tax counselor. Another important institution is Creditreform. There is an index of credit-worthiness for each company. This index should not be worse than 3,0. An index of 2,0 would be better. The higher your index, the worse the conditions for you and in case of bad luck you might even get a refusal. The diagram shows some information about the index of credit-worthiness.

In case of a good credit-worthiness you can get a leasing contract within one hour. Checking your information and data can be done online quickly. 

We do offer a payback for your old device. Each system will be offered at best price condition, considering your desires.

I want an offer for purchasing a device system

Click here for contact. Please tell us what you wish. You will get an offer according to your desires.