We perform qualified Laser protection trainings

In our rooms for training courses in Berlin we do perform qualified Laser protection trainings on a regular schedule.

Laser protection training?

If you work with a Laser designated with protection class 4, a Laser protection course and an authorized person for Laser protection are essential.

Working with IPL you don´t have to provide an authorized Laser protection person. But we think the users of pulsed light systems should be informed about the topic as well.

Therefore we do recommend that course to anyone working on high tech light systems. The purchase of a class 3 B or class 4 Laser demands an authorized Laser protection representative.

The knowledge can be acquired within a Laser protection training course enabling the participants to fulfill the tasks of an authorized Laser protection representative according to §6 section 2 for UVV Laser radiation (BGV B2).

The training contains physical basics, medical Laser systems, effect of Laser radiation on tissue, danger and harm by Laser, security procedures, regulations and rules. The topics are Laser as well as pulsed light in the field of surgery, aesthetics and for cosmetic purposes. The training takes one day. It complies with the demands of the trade association. Each participant will get a certification.

According to §1 section 2 of the non-medical practitioners’ law from 02/18/2001 of the health board of NRW (AZ III B2-0401.12) Lasers of class 3 or 4 are only allowed to be used under the control of a physician.